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Do you sometimes feel driven to overeat or perhaps also eat too little?

Overeating and emotional eating hypnotherapy sessions will help you gain more balanced eating habits.

Do you ever struggle to say 'no' to unhealthy foods or to control portion sizes? Expert help is here for you. Call or text today on 07504742606. Jason can call you back for an initial chat.

Would you like to feel in control around food?

About Jason Demant, Harley Street Hypnotherapist

Jason Demant is a highly experienced expert in rapid Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) in London. He is the Director of The College of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness. He is a leading authority on anxiety, smoking cessation, overeating, stress and addictions. He is a validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, an accredited member of the UK Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and a recognised treatment provider for PruHealth private medical insurance.

Jason frequently teaches courses to therapists, doctors and allied health professionals on Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy interventions for anxiety and addictions.

Rapid Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, London

Jason has been fortunate to help a wide range of clients, from teens to small business owners, to bankers and clergy, from teachers and scientists to a television presenter and a former cabinet minister. Jason has been seeing clients in London for ten years and will be able to help you too.

Overeating hypnotherapy in London

Why choose Jason Demant, Harley Street Hypnotherapist?

1. Sessions are priced at least 20% lower than the rate of fellow Harley Street therapists, with further reductions for block bookings. Sessions are intentionally kept at a fair price point, but without compromising on the dedicated support you receive.

2. Unlimited email contact between sessions. Be in touch as much as you wish, so you feel fully supported.

3. Your personalised success plan. Presented after your final session, this document is yours to keep, a reference for years to come. Each person’s plan is different, since Jason outlines your personal strategies and solutions, as discussed during your sessions. No other therapist or hypnotherapist offers you this unique and valuable tool.

4. Your 30 Day Confidence Refund Guarantee. Of course we are confident that sessions will help you make some amazing changes. However if, in the unlikely event, you do not gain benefit from sessions, your money will be returned in full. This means you can book today in confidence. What do you have to lose? (click here for Terms and conditions)

Scroll down to read about package reductions and bonuses. Phone or text today for an informal chat about your needs on 07504742606.

Sessions fees are at least 20% lower than other hypnotherapists

The Perfect Environment for Positive Change

Jason Demant offers only tailor-made bespoke solutions just right for you. Each individual is treated differently. Jason sees clients in the exclusive Box Tree Clinic in London’s Harley Street Medical District. Jason also sees clients in Golders Green (NW11) and Kentish Town (NW5). Jason creates the perfect environment for your sessions to be both focused and enjoyable, ensuring true progress is achieved in the least quantity of sessions needed.

Clinical hypnotherapy isn’t a “quick fix” and no ‘magic wand’. Jason works hand in hand with you to help you achieve your goals. If you are ready to make changes and if you are motivated to see and feel differently. Call or text today on 07504742606. Jason can call you back for an initial chat.

'I have over ten years experience helping clients with their eating patterns. My Approach is down to earth and practical. You will see changes you didn't expect.'

Jason Demant. L.M.T.C.P.H. GHR reg. GQHP

Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist and Addictions Specialist in London

Emotional Eating Checklist Quiz

If you experience more than three of the thoughts listed below on most days,

you may often 'Eat Emotionally'. This might result in under eating, overeating or binge eating.

Clinic in London for emotional eating and comfort eating
  • lightblue

    I feel I don't have much control about my food choices

  • greentick

    I look forward to my 'go to' comfort foods, as they feel like love or a hug

  • lightblue

    Unhealthy food or eating too much food leaves me feeling guilty

  • greentick

    I find myself thinking about food a lot

  • lightblue

    I tend to eat chocolate, cake, fatty foods when stressed or down

  • greentick

    Food is my main way to 'self-soothe' or give myself love

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Jason Demant

Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist and Addictions Specialist in London

I am passionate about helping people make positive changes, feel greater optimism and see confidence in all areas of life.
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    I hold a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) from Life Matters Training College, based on Harley Street, London. I am a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner with hundreds of hours of clinical experience.

  • greentick

    I am a validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

  • lightblue

    I am a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners (NHSTA), taking referrals from GPs and dentists.

  • greentick

    I am an accredited member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council UK.

  • lightblue

    Recognised treatment provider for VitalityHealth private medical insurance.

  • lightblue

    I teach and supervise a specialist training course for health professionals and hypnotherapists in life coaching and NLP interventions for weight loss and emotional eating.


What benefits did you gain from hypnosis sessions with Jason?

Some Testimonials From Happy Clients

Susan Moss

London Weight Loss Coaching

I have had two courses of hypnotherapy with Jason Demant to curb my emotional overeating. During the 6 months that I attended, several stressful and traumatic events happened in my life and I found that Jason worked to help me deal with this as well as addressing my eating when stressed.

I found Jason to be empathetic, conscientious and a very good listener. He tailored my treatment to meet my needs exactly and always sent me home with positivity. I now have an arsenal of techniques and new beliefs to combat the emotional eating. I lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks just by eating according to my appetite with no hard work on my part. I just do not feel hungry in between meals and have stopped drinking alcohol and eating junk without thinking about it!

I thoroughly recommend Jason Demant to anyone who has issues with their eating.
It is a quiet and peaceful approach to change leaving you with the tools to continue progress in the future.



London Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

I now have more awareness of my improper eating habits and now have the tools to recognise what is driving me to eat when I am not hungry.


Essex Weight Loss Coaching

You really helped me in more than one thing.
I can say that after the sessions I feel comfortable with the food. I don't care what people think about my eating, or me looking fat or skinny.


Manchester Weight Loss Coaching

I have lost weight and am feeling great overall, especially when I pay attention to see if I'm really hungry.

Why Do we sometimes Emotionally Eat, Binge Eat or Over/Undereat?

Of course we eat for pleasure. Food is one of life's joys. However sometimes you might eat too much, too little or find it hard to not choose unhealthy foods. A diet won't help you deal with the underlying causes of this pattern. The following tabs have a couple of suggestions as to why we sometimes eat in line with emotions rather than our body's natural needs.

A Habitual Response to Feeling Unpleasant Emotions

It can feel automatic. You feel bored, lonely, sad or other unpleasant emotions. Food becomes an automatic reaction. You look forward to that immediate pleasure rush of taste or sugar. This addictive pattern can also be with alcohol, sex, gambling or any other pattern used to ignore, suppress or escape from emotions we do not enjoy feeling. We 'eat' our emotions rather than be willing to experience or feel them.

Childhood Training

On a birthday or wedding we might celebrate with food. When someone is distressed, you might offer them a cup of tea and cake or similar. Growing up, parents or your caregivers may have expressed love by cooking for you, feeding you. When you did well, you might have received food as a reward. Often these are balanced and healthy. However, we go into adulthood not always noticing that we carry with us those childhood meanings still attached to food. Fast forward a decade or two.. Hard day at work? Feel sad about something? That childhood training tells us to reward or comfort ourselves in the same way as we were when younger. Feel down? Comfort yourself with some food. Which is yours? Pizza, fast food, chocolate perhaps?

We didn't learn to show love for ourselves in healthy ways

How do you show love for someone else? How did you receive love from parents or caregivers growing up? Was love expressed in words? By physical contact such as a hug? How do you now show love and appreciation of or to yourself? Does food appear high on the list? How can you start showing love or care for yourself in other ways?

Comfort eating help using hypnosis

Book individual sessions. A package of sessions is more cost effective and includes extra benefits and my confidence refund guarantee.

In-person hypnosis sessions with Jason Demant in central London. Also via Skype/online platform

My London Hypnotherapy Programme for Overeating, Emotional eating and binge eating

Everyone is unique and I do not use a generic approach. However hypnotherapy sessions will commonly share the following features:

Notice Your Patterns

Consider some of the following questions:

When do you eat too much?

What was going on at that time?

What are your ‘trigger’ situations, times, people, feelings, which result in you reaching for food?

The next stage is to look more closely at your thoughts, feelings and the meanings you give to different foods. We look at how you use food to cope with difficult situations or emotions.

Notice Your 'Food Thoughts'

What are some common thoughts you have about food? For example, do you have a belief that, ‘It’s wrong to waste food’? ‘You must finish all the food on your plate’?

Do you feel compelled to eat when someone else cooked, so as not to offend them?

Which meanings do you give food?

Simply seeing these more clearly will already affect your eating habits.

Returning Food to Mean (just) Food

Imagine if an alien landed and you invited them watch people eat for a day. You took them to see someone eating when bored or feeling down. You then took them to see people eating (and drinking) at a birthday party.

What if you then asked that alien visitor to describe what they think food is? What might they say?

Based on their day, they might reply that food is something that people use to deal with their sad or unhappy feelings. They might say also that food as about a celebration or what people use to reward themselves. Yes, that’s indeed what we often do use food for, but is that healthy and helpful?

Let’s take for example cake. I personally like cake, I am willing to admit that. However let me ask you, what is cake really, at its most basic level? I hope you will agree that cake is made of sugar, flour, butter, icing. But the question is -what meanings do we give it?

I help you look at those meanings you may have added to your food. For example, chocolate can be given meanings. Chocolate can be used for a ‘treat’ or a way to deal with stress. With help, we will put chocolate back to being just chocolate. This will mean that you will in fact enjoy it more and I understand that, right now, that may sound crazy. Chocolate can indeed be something to enjoy simply for its wonderful flavours and taste. It doesn’t have to be also about love, reward or a way to cope.

During hypnotherapy sessions I also gently help you challenge long held beliefs about food. For example, beliefs about wasting food or learning to say ‘no’ when you are full up and you are offered second helpings.

Change your Relationship With Food

Once we have identified trigger situations or the events and feelings which prompt your eating habits, we can begin to address them.

I want you to enjoy food, taste its flavours and smells and love eating again. When we eat in response to beliefs, emotions or thoughts, we aren’t really enjoying food but using it, a bit like a medication. Not enjoying the experience of eating but wanting to feel different, feel better or avoid painful or unpleasant emotions and thoughts.

We will slowly remove that emotional chain. Changing your relationship to food to be more realistic and not about using food to feel better.

To do this we will look at managing emotions better, re-thinking long held thoughts and beliefs, learning to love yourself in healthy ways. Looking at the stresses with which you have been using food to cope. Finding better coping methods. Upgrading your self awareness and self care.

Increase Confidence and Self Care

Alongside helping with thoughts and feelings directly related to food, during hypnosis sessions I help you find new ways to care for yourself.

We address the deeper reasons why you kept food as a way to love, soothe or deal with life’s ups and downs. Often these patterns were learnt in childhood. Now, in adulthood, we can attempt to lessen their hold or relevance.

Rather than show love and care through ice cream, cake, cheese or chocolate, you will begin to show care in other ways. If this is difficult, and for many of us it truly is, I help you breakthrough barriers which hold you back from nurturing or putting your own well being first. This is not being selfish or egotistical but about looking after your mind and body just as you would do so for anybody else that you love. It just happens to be you!

For example, rather than eating to comfort yourself when feeling down, you will find other more satisfying options. When you need a pick-me-up, you will have other, non-food options. These will raise your energy and not increase your waistline or leave you feeling sluggish or with any feelings of guilt etc.

Stress and anxiety London therapist

Benefits you receive from booking a package of four or six sessions

FREE Initial Consultation Session

Following your free initial phone consultation, you will be asked to keep a diary of your emotional eating for a few days and complete a helpful background questionnaire.

Your consultation will be by phone. It is a place for you to hear more about how I work and ask any questions, no matter how small. The call will also help you directly, focusing on your challenges. It should be a positive step for you on your road to recovering your old self. Helping you feel in control and more confident again.

And if, at the end of the consultation, you do not wish to book sessions, that is totally fine. There is no pressure and you are under no obligation whatsoever. 

Four or Six In Person Sessions

Four or six powerful sessions of coaching, including therapy exercises and powerful hypnotherapy.

Though there is some structure, it is vital that hypnosis sessions are about your unique needs rather than a generic approach. I have a results-driven focus.

Sessions are confidential and supportive and it is also important that you feel comfortable and able to talk about anything at all.

Your Tailor-made Emotional Eating Relationship Plan

Based on the work we do together, you will take away your very own tailor-made Emotional Eating Relationship Plan.

I make this plan especially for you, individually. It summarises your personal challenges and solutions, as discussed, in depth, during hypnosis sessions. Importantly, it outlines your unique strategies and tools. The insights we covered during your sessions.

It’s your personal guide to staying in control around cocaine for future success. It’s a resource for you to use for years to come. The value it gives you is enormous.

During your free consultation, I can explain more about this unique Plan.

Support Throughout and 30 Day Guarantee

I give you free, unlimited, email contact between hypnotherapy sessions. Be in touch as often as you need.

I offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 

If, after 30 days, you have attended sessions, carried out any assignments set, but still do not feel that you benefited from this programme, I will refund your investment. No questions asked. Book your free consultation to hear more.


In person session with Jason Demant last 50 minutes.

I see clients in three locations in London. I am a member of the Box Tree Clinic in London's Harley Street District, W1W 5DT, a few minutes from Great Portland Street Tube station and close to Warren Street Tube station. I also see clients in Golders Green, directly opposite the Tube station and in Kentish Town, close to Camden Town and Holloway. 

The postcode for my Golders Green location is NW11 7PH and in Kentish Town the postcode is NW5 2RD.

I see international clients by Skype and phone.

Weekend appointments available.

Session and Package Fees and How to Book

Individual sessions can be booked for a fee of £115 in Harley Street and £80 in Golders Green or Kentish Town.

You can book an individual session and then choose to make that individual session the first of a package of sessions, thereby gaining the package rate.

Package of Four Sessions: £395 (Harley Street) or £295 (Other locations)

Package of Six Sessions: £430 or £570

Package of Eight Sessions£560 or £730

Book your free initial consultation today

Email: jason@phantomserver4.website

Phone: 07504742606

From alcohol, drugs, gambling, internet or smoking to losing weight and helping with stress and anxiety. Help using hypnosis in London

Client reviews

I am very proud of the wonderful results people see from sessions. Read some testimonials from happy clients.


South East England Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

I wholeheartedly recommend Jason's method of coaching. It definitely helped me to cut down on my eating, and I'm also more aware of why I eat when I'm not hungry. In addition, I now have new ways of coping with stress.


LondonWeight Loss and Emotional Eating

Jason really helped me sort out my problems with my relationship to food. I learnt simple and effective steps to help me eat in a conscious way, know when to eat and when not to. I learnt to identify real hunger and to know when I have had enough. Jason is genuine and caring and was very easy to speak to. I highly recommend him when dealing with weight loss and food issues.


London Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

Thank you so much for your support and guidance. You were truly an ally in helping me define my goals and structure my thoughts, beliefs and actions towards living each day with more fulfillment and efficacy. Thank you for your remarkable skills, support, accessibility and guidance via our conversations and e-mails these weeks. You have been an incredible and effective coach and a supportive ally who has fuelled my inspiration and provided me with effective tools. I highly recommend you.


WatfordWeight Loss and Emotional Eating

There were benefits for my life in general, not just dieting.

Summary of Overeating and Emotional Eating Hypnotherapy Packages

Book individual sessions. Rates at my Harley Street practice are £115. Individual sessions in Golders Green or Kentish Town are £80. Package rates below are for my Harley Street practice. Please ask about package rates for Golders Green or Kentish Town.

At Last: Guaranteed Weight Loss! (Eight Sessions)

Instalment Payment Plan Available

FREE Initial Consultation Session
Eight Powerful Sessions of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Your Own Tailor-made Food Relationship Plan
Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions
Bonus: FREE: 25 minute Powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download
90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Your Six Session Package

Instalment Payment Plan Available

FREE Initial Consultation Session
Six Powerful Sessions of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Your Own Tailor-made Food Relationship Plan
Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions
Bonus: FREE: 25 minute Powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Your Four Session Package

Instalment Payment Plan Available

FREE Initial Consultation Session
Four Powerful Sessions of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Your Own Tailor-made Food Relationship Plan
Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions
Bonus: FREE: 25 minute Powerful Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Download
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Book your Free Initial Consultation to discuss your needs.

Would you like help with emotional eating, overeating, under eating or binge eating?

Talk directly to Jason now about the help you need


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