Harley Street Cocaine Addiction Hypnotherapy, London.

Is Cocaine Negatively Affecting Your Life?

Is cocaine beginning to affect your health, relationships, work or your ability to function? Are you struggling to cut down your cocaine use?

Is it time to seek help?

I am a member of the Box Tree Clinic in London's Harley Street District, W1W 5DT, a few minutes from Great Portland Street Tube station and close to Warren Street Tube station.

I also see clients in Golders Green (NW11) and Kentish Town (NW5). Weekend hypnotherapy appointments available.

Fees for London sessions. (Sessions are for 50 minutes)

Harley Street

Clinical Hypnotherapy: £115 (Book four sessions: £395)

Golders Green and Kentish Town

Clinical Hypnotherapy: £80 (Book four sessions: £295)

Call, text or email today and book your free initial phone consultation. 07504742606.

'I have over ten years experience helping clients with addictive patterns. My Approach is down to earth and practical. You will see changes you didn't expect.'

Jason Demant. L.M.T.C.P.H. GHR reg. GQHP

Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist and Addictions Specialist in London

Cocaine Use Checklist Quiz

If you experience any of the items listed below, on a regular basis, you may have a dependency on cocaine.

Cocaine addiction help using hypnotherapy
  • greentick

    Do you feel guilt, shame or embarrassment about your cocaine use or its consequences?

  • lightblue

    Do you find it hard to socialise without cocaine or that your social circle has changed?

  • greentick

    Are you noticing an increased tolerance for cocaine compared to when you started?

  • lightblue

    Do you continue to use cocaine even when it causes problems with relationships or work?

  • greentick

    Have you lied or hidden your habit or its extent from close friends or loved ones?

  • lightblue

    Do you use cocaine to numb your emotions, or 'self medicate' when feeling stressed?

  • greentick

    Have you tried unsuccessfully to cut back on your cocaine use?

  • lightblue

    Have you gotten into situations with the potential of harming yourself or others (for example driving) or you have been in trouble with the law due to cocaine-related problems?

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Jason Demant

Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist and Addictions Specialist in London London

I am passionate about helping people make positive changes, feel greater optimism and see confidence in all areas of life.
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    I hold a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, counselling and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) from Life Matters Training College, based on Harley Street, London. I am a certified Life Coach and NLP practitioner with hundreds of hours of clinical experience.

  • greentick

    I am a validated practitioner of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and member of the General Hypnotherapy Register.

  • lightblue

    I am a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners (NHSTA), taking referrals from GPs and dentists.

  • greentick

    I am an accredited member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council UK.

  • lightblue

    Recognised treatment provider for VitalityHealth private medical insurance.

  • greentick

    I teach and supervise a specialist training course for health professionals and hypnotherapists in life coaching and NLP interventions for weight loss and emotional eating.


How do I help you Reduce Cocaine Use?

Successful long term cocaine reduction is a process of change, involving a number of steps.

Cocaine Dependency

You may use cocaine socially and you would now like to reduce that down. Alternatively you may feel that you have developed a cocaine dependency.

We will work together, helping you to overcome cravings and plan your cutting down or stopping taking cocaine. Our main work will be to look at the reasons why cocaine may have moved from being ‘recreational’ to instead feel like it has become an unwelcome addictive pattern. 

There can be shame or feelings of failure associated with cocaine addiction. Often a habit can become a secret, kept from others. I can help you address all aspects of your cocaine habit. I listen and support. I never judge anything you have done or anything you might say.

Changing your Relationship with Cocaine

The main work we will do together is examining your relationship and patterns of use of cocaine. What is the role this substance has begun to play in your life?

When and with whom do you use it? Do you use it to help you socialise or ‘do well’ at work or in social situations? Do you find that you reach for cocaine when stressed? How much of a role does a desire to feel confident and less self-conscious play in your habit?

We will look at the underlying reasons for your habit. You may find that the underlying issues also really need to be addressed.

For example, has cocaine begun to function as your way of avoiding important life issues? Do you ever use cocaine to numb yourself or suppress emotions and feelings that are uncomfortable?

We will find new ways for you to do well with challenges and thereby reduce the role of cocaine in your life. We will also decide whether reducing consumption is the goal or complete abstinence is preferable. This is something we decide together and ultimately is your decision.

Cocaine Withdrawal Support

If you use cocaine on a regular basis, decreasing or stopping may require a plan.

Withdrawal symptoms can be physical and psychological. If you use cocaine often, you may experience hand tremors (‘the shakes’), sweating, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia (difficulty sleeping), for example. It can take a number of weeks to fully recover if you have a high level of consumption. If cocaine was often associated with drinking alcohol or socialising, we will talk, in depth about how to do well, and enjoy a night out, but without cocaine. You will be fully supported.

Even if you are a moderate cocaine user, you may also experience some withdrawal symptoms. Often these will be more emotional and psychological than physical. This is since you have developed some emotional dependency on cocaine, using it like a ‘crutch’. It is important to deal with these too.

Living Life Fully and Confidently

You were not born needing cocaine to function. It is time to find alternative ways to deal with life’s ups and downs. It is also important to consider other ways to feel happy, confident and nurture your well-being.

Cocaine can be used to avoid addressing and working towards those things you truly want out of life. Without cocaine, I will support you, if needed, to re-discover confidence and remind yourself of all those goals you once wanted and those gifts you have to give to the world around you.

Moving from dependency or addiction will signal for you a movement in a positive and optimistic direction.

hypnosis and coaching to reduce addictions and habits.
Hypnotist using hypnosis to help you reduce cocaine addiction

Book individual hypnosis sessions. A package of sessions is more cost effective and includes extra benefits and my confidence refund guarantee.

In-person hypnosis sessions with Jason Demant in London's Harley Street district.

Benefits you receive from booking a package of four or six hypnosis sessions

FREE Initial Consultation Session

Following your free initial phone consultation, you will be asked to keep a diary of your cocaine use for a few days and complete a helpful background questionnaire.

Your consultation will be by phone. It is a place for you to hear more about how I work and ask any questions, no matter how small. I will explain how hypnosis works as well. The call will also help you directly, focusing on your challenges. It should be a positive step for you on your road to recovering your old self. Helping you feel in control and more confident again.

And if, at the end of the consultation, you do not wish to book sessions, that is totally fine. There is no pressure and you are under no obligation whatsoever. 

Four or Six In Person Sessions

Four or six powerful sessions of coaching, including therapy exercises and powerful hypnotherapy.

Though there is some structure, it is vital that hypnosis sessions are about your unique needs rather than a generic approach. I have a results-driven focus.

Sessions are confidential and supportive and it is also important that you feel comfortable and able to talk about anything at all.

Your Tailor-made Cocaine Relationship Plan

Based on the work we do together, you will take away your very own tailor-made Cocaine Relationship Plan.


I make this plan especially for you, individually. It summarises your personal challenges and solutions, as discussed, in depth, during sessions. Importantly, it outlines your unique strategies and tools. The insights we covered during your sessions.


It’s your personal guide to staying in control around cocaine for future success. It’s a resource for you to use for years to come. The value it gives you is enormous.


During your free consultation, I can explain more about this unique Plan.

Support Throughout and 30 Day Guarantee

I give you free, unlimited, email contact between sessions. Be in touch as often as you need.

I offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. 

If, after 30 days, you have attended sessions, carried out any assignments set, but still do not feel that you benefited from this programme, I will refund your investment. No questions asked. Book your free consultation to hear more.


In person session with Jason Demant last 50 minutes.

I see clients in three locations in London. I am a member of the Box Tree Clinic in London's Harley Street District, W1W 5DT, a few minutes from Great Portland Street Tube station and close to Warren Street Tube station. I also see clients in Golders Green (NW11 7PH), directly opposite the Tube station and in Kentish Town (NW5 2RD), close to Camden Town and Holloway.

Weekend appointments available.

Session and Package Fees and How to Book

Fees for London sessions. (Sessions are for 50 minutes)

Your Initial Phone Consultation: Free

Harley Street

Clinical Hypnotherapy: £115 (Book four sessions: £395)

Golders Green and Kentish Town

Clinical Hypnotherapy: £80 (Book four sessions: £295)

Book your free initial consultation today

Email: jason@phantomserver4.website

Phone: 07504742606

Stress and anxiety London therapist

What benefits did you gain from hypnosis sessions with Jason ?

Some Testimonials From Happy Clients


Cambridge Addiction Therapy

...the most effective thing is to have someone to talk to. Rarely do you find somebody who takes you by the hand and shows you a way out.


ChicagoHabit Change

I felt at ease with Jason within the first couple of minutes on the phone with his soothing voice and his gentle approach at asking questions. Realising that I have some goals that I may not have vocalised before, Jason taught me some simple and easy to implement ways to break down a goal into manageable bite-sized steps and made me excited to get moving! I look forward to working with him again in the future!


London Change Habit and Behaviour Patterns

Jason Demant exudes an aura of friendliness, warmth and genuine caring. It was very easy to talk to him. He guided me to look at my life in a simple way, yet none that I ever would have thought of myself, and make some quick changes that were a big help to me.


London Alcohol Reduction Therapy

Jason helped me to explore the causes of my negative issues and to develop strategies to ensure long-term term solutions. I'm very happy to endorse him to anyone considering hypnotherapy. It worked for me! Thank you Jason.


New York Change Behaviour Patterns and Anger Management

Jason enhanced the way that I think and the way that I view people. Because of him, I am more grounded, get less emotionally upset with people, and am truly living up to the goal that we had set during coaching; to become less judgemental of people and be more sensitive towards other's feelings, and to learn how to communicate with people in way that will make me more effective in receiving what I want. I really feel that Jason was a blessing from God.


Essex Stress Reduction

Overall, it has been a motivating and empowering experience.

Summary of Cocaine Reduction Hypnotherapy Packages

All Counselling sessions (without hypnotherapy as the main approach) are £60.

Your Four Session Package
FREE Initial Consultation Session
Four Powerful Sessions of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Your Tailor-made Cocaine Relationship Plan
Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Your Six Session Package
FREE Initial Consultation Session
Six Powerful Sessions of Coaching and Hypnotherapy
Your Tailor-made Cocaine Relationship Plan
Free, unlimited, email contact between sessions
30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Book your Free Initial Consultation to discuss your needs.

Are you struggling to cut down your cocaine use?

Talk directly to Jason now about the help you need


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